Zirconium Crowns in Turkey

Zirconium crowns are the name used for the procedure where the surface of the teeth is covered with the usage of the material zirconium. This is often performed in order to fix decayed teeth. However, it can also be performed on those who wish to display a better smile and white teeth. Zirconium crowns can be performed both on front and back of the teeth. It provides an aesthetically pleasing look when used on the front and gives way to stronger teeth when combined with the back.

The Benefits And Features

Many patients worry over an unnatural look when considering the procedure. You can rest assured that zirconium crowns provide a completely natural and healthy look. They are quite strong, making it hard for the teeth to crack or break. They are highly resilient to corrosion and oxidizing. Due to their half transparent nature, they do not cause a displeasing look next to the original teeth.

Patients choose zirconium because of the many benefits this operation provides for them. They can take shape easily and can turn white without any difficulty. They are the closest artificial teeth option for those who wish for the most natural look. They are durable and it is completely safe for them to stay in the mouth for long years. Cold or hot food and beverages do not cause them to break, crack or hurt. Patients who match the requirements can benefit from the many positive outcomes of this procedure.

The Procedure And The Treatment

Anaesthesia is performed on the patient during the procedure in order to make sure there is no pain. The teeth which will be performed on are measured and if necessary, the size is made smaller. Temporary teeth are put in the place of the teeth which are made smaller via tooth rasping. The patient can choose the colour of the teeth. In approximately five days, the temporary teeth are taken out and replaced with the measured and prepared new teeth. The patient visits the dentist periodically for the treatment to be complete.

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