Tummy Tuck

Tummy tuck or abdominoplasty is a cosmetic surgery performed to reform the shape of the stomach. During the procedure, the muscles of the stomach may be tightened and loose skin and fat can be taken care of along with any cracks. Contrary to popular belief, this is not a good method to lose quick weight. The goal here is to get rid of belly fat which cannot be taken care of via exercise. It is more commonly advised for patients who have a good BMI.

Who Can Benefit And Who Cannot Benefit From Tummy Tuck?

All men and women who meet the health requirements can get this operation. Women who have more than one child could benefit from strengthening their stomach muscles and getting rid of excess fat tissue. This is also an excellent choice for both men and women who have been obese before and have excess fat around the belly and loose skin.

However, this procedure like all procedures is not for everyone. If the patient’s goal is to lose too much weight, are planning a pregnancy, are suffering from a chronic disease, are a smoker, has had a similar operation or if their BMI is over thirty, they are not eligible. This may depend on the surgeon’s recommendation in some cases.

Methods For Tummy Tuck

The methods chosen by the surgeon depend on the patient’s anatomy, excess skin amount and even clothing style. There are four methods; standard abdominoplasty, enlarged abdominoplasty, fleur-de-lis abdominoplasty and mini abdominoplasty. While the steps may change depending on the technique, there are traditional steps to be followed.

The patient’s body is marked before general anaesthesia is applied. Referencing these marks, a cut is made to the bikini area. Sagging and cracked skin is removed. The muscles of the stomach are repaired and reshaped. The good skin over the belly area is taken to the are on which the operation was performed to achieve a smoother, better look. The belly button is also reconstructed into a smaller shape during these procedures.

Prior, During And After The Surgery

A physical examination is a must before the surgery. The surgeon will inform you regarding the steps and make certain suggestions for the operation to give the best results. These recommendations must be followed if the patient wishes to get one hundred percent success rate.

Depending on the method, the surgery lasts between one to five hours. Due to the area of the cut, there will be scarring but this won’t be visible as the cut is made on the bikini area and can comfortably be concealed beneath the underwear.

After the surgery, the patient will be given certain instructions on how to take care of themselves post-op. These instructions must be followed carefully for faster recovery and to avoid any complications. Lifting anything heavy or going through harsh physical activities are strongly advised against for the first six to eight weeks.

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