Trifocal Lens Replacement Surgery

Trifocal Lens Replacement Surgery in Turkey

Trifocal lens replacement surgery is more commonly known as smart lens surgery among the public. It has become vastly popular since it lasts shorter than most optic surgeries and the recovery period is not very long and eye sight is regained in a day. The surgery does not affect your work ability and in some cases, you can even return to your desk as early as the next day. You will have check-ups after one day, one month, six months and then each year after your operation. While merely an eyedrop is administered in most cases, general anaesthesia is used sometimes as well. Each eye takes about fifteen minutes which makes the operation last thirty minutes in total. The success rate of the surgery is ninety percent. After the operation, seeing near and far quite clearly is the possible and expected outcome.

The Process Of Smart Lens Surgery

Located within our eye, there is a transparent lens which loses its elastic nature and falls short in focusing as we get older. Therefore, many people require glasses after the age of forty. However, those who have been using glasses all their lives can also get this surgery if they meet the requirements. This surgery is used to take the lens which has lost its elastic nature and replace it with a trifocal or smart lens that shows near, middle and far distances clearly. The eye is numbed with an eyedrop and kept open with a tool called a blepharostat.

A small incision is made to the eye with a laser or with a surgical knife. Through the incision, the capsule above the lens with cataract is taken in a round shape. A liquid is given around the lens with cataract within the capsule before it is sucked with the tip of a phacoemulsification device . The smart lens is inserted into the remaining lens capsule. Afterwards, an antibiotic cortisone is applied to the eye and an eye protector is worn.

After The Surgery

Once the surgery is finished, the patient does not need to stay at the hospital. An examination is made the next day and the prescribed eye drops should be used regularly. During the first week after the operation, the patient should lay on their back or their side. There should be extra care to avoid getting water or soap in the eye. Activities such as swimming are not allowed until your surgeon deems fit. After two weeks, the patient can return to their regular life. However, it is highly recommended that those who get the smart lens surgery never rub their eyes too harshly so as to avoid damage to the eye. In the event that there is still some need for prescribed glasses, additional laser treatment can be administered to the eye.

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