Thighlift operation is the procedure where deformations on the thigh area are fixed. These deformations cause the patient to look older than they are. They also look unhealthy which is an undesirable outcome that can be fixed with thighlift. These malformations are caused by factors such as age, excessive weight loss or gain.

Just like in armlift operations, most common reasons for thighlift operations are due to people following excessive diets and going through surgeries to lose weight quickly. However, same as in armlift surgeries, thighlift surgeries are performed on people who have gone through these deformations due to factors such as sun exposure.

The Process Of The Procedure

General anaesthesia or local anaesthesia is applied depending on the patient in question. The surgery lasts approximately two to three hours. Incisions are made starting from inner parts of the thigh towards the crotch area. Afterwards, the sagging skin and fat tissues are removed. As it is in armlift surgeries, the scarring is barely visible due to the area which the incisions are made on.

Pre-op And Post-op

A detailed examination is made and the patient is told about all the details. Any illness the patient has and any drugs they use must be disclosed with the surgeon. Hunger six hours prior to the surgery is a must. Drugs which affect the bloodstream may be stopped, under the surgeon’s recommendation.

Precautions are taken post-op to avoid bleeding or liquid build up for two to three days. Pressurized bandages may be applied to avoid bleeding or swelling. Usually there are no stitch removals. Painkillers are enough to stop any pain and returning to normal life merely takes a few days.

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