Teeth Whitening in Turkey

Over time, our teeth start to yellow and change colour due to many reasons from poor dental hygiene to smoking or even drinking coffee and tea. Teeth whitening is the method used to repair the unwanted look created by this change in colour. There are professional methods where a professional dentist performs them at a clinic. In addition to that, there are also methods where products such as toothpaste and various chemical products obtained from markets are used at home. However, seeking help from professionals is more effective and gives better results in the long run.

The Process Of Teeth Whitening

The type of colour change and how wide spread it is are among many of the factors in deciding who could benefit from this procedure. This process can take longer in some patients than others but gradually, the goal is reached. If the patient has any damage to their teeth or their mouth or if they are suffering from receding gums, it is better to find a professional.

Bleaching is the technique used in teeth whitening. Carbamide peroxide and hydrogen peroxide are used on teeth with colour change under clinical conditions. Results are effective and quick. Some patients may experience sensitivity towards cold and hot beverages and food. This is a normal side effect and is expected to be over within 24 to 48 hours.

The Aftercare

After whitening the teeth, the initial colour begins to fade over time. This period depends on the patient’s use of colourful liquids such as wine and coffee. If the first procedure is supported by another with one or two sessions after six months, it becomes permanent. Two days after the first process, the patient should not use colourful liquids or cigarettes to make sure the process does not lose its effectivity.

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