Lasik Laser Eye Surgery in Turkey

Lasik laser eye surgery is one of the best known and commonly performed eye surgeries which corrects eyesight problems. It is a quick operation and an excellent alternative to glasses and contact lenses. During the surgery, a special laser is used to gently reshape the cornea. The cornea is a transparent tissue which breaks the light directly towards the retina located behind the eye. However, the cornea cannot break the light directly towards the right way with people who have myopia, hypermetropia and astigmatism which causes blurred vision. While glasses and lenses help people see clearer, reshaping of the cornea with laser eye surgery provides a permanent fix for the problem.

The Process Of The Surgery

Prior to the surgery, your surgeon will carefully asses if you are the right candidate for the procedure. Once it is assessed you meet the requirements, you will be one step closer to getting rid of your glasses and lenses for good. If you use contact lenses which affect the shape of the cornea, you will be asked to use your glasses for at least a couple of weeks before your surgery. Your surgeon will give specific instructions depending on how long you have used contact lenses and the type of lenses you have used. In order to make sure you get the best results and to minimize the risk, your surgeon will ask about your medical history and give you an extensive ophthalmologic examination.

The Duration Of The Operation

This surgery usually lasts about half an hour or less. The duration of the operation may vary depending on how much correction is required. A tool is used to keep your eyelids open after the eyedrops and drugs given to help you relax. If seen fit by your surgeon, both eyes can be fixed within the same day. Your eye may be itchy; you may experience some discomfort, a burning sensation or watering after the surgery. Many patients feel very little pain and their vision quickly recovers. You may be prescribed a painkiller or an eyedrop after the operation to make you feel more comfortable and you may be asked to wear an eye protector until recovery is completed.

Full Recovery And The Benefit

Full recovery may take up to two or three months and once that duration is over, you will regain clear sight. A few days after your surgery, your doctor will see you for a follow up to see your recovery process and check for any complications. The most beneficial part of getting laser eye surgery is that you will see clearly and will not require the aid of glasses or lenses. Patients who get the surgery describe their experience as life changing since most have not seen clearly for their entire lives.

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