Hollywood Smile in Turkey

We are living in a time where a person’s smile has become even more important in every area of their lives. Many people feel uncomfortable and suffer from a lack of self-esteem when it comes to smiling freely in public or for social media. Hollywood smile is the dental esthetic operation which is performed to obtain the ideal smile. This operation may require different steps depending on the needs of the patient to reach that perfect Hollywood smile.

How Does The Operation Work?

There are certain conditions in order to perform the best Hollywood smile. First of all, the smile should be designed in a way that will only make the 2mms of the upper gum visible. The lip should be symmetrical. When smiling, the width of the lips should be less than a few millimetres. There should not be any gap between the front teeth and the colour of the front teeth should be the same. The dental cap should look natural.

This procedure is performed by expert clinics. A dentist who specializes in this area performs a dental examination first. During the examination, the dentist will decide the necessary steps for the procedure. It will be decided if various dental treatments such as teeth whitening and dental implants are required. The treatments may change from patient to patient, depending on what you need to achieve the perfect smile for you.

The Steps And The Aftercare

Patients who wish to obtain that perfect Hollywood smile will need to get their decayed teeth fixed as the first step. Along with tooth decay treatment, gum treatments are also performed. Dental implants are not usually required for patients who want to have the Hollywood smile but in some cases such as patients with missing tooth, dental implants may also be needed. Porcelain veneers are also a step in designing esthetic smiles. This is performed mainly on patients who have symmetrical problems with their teeth. Broken, cracked, separated or crooked teeth are the types which required porcelain veneers the most. Teeth whitening is a crucial part of the Hollywood smile as having white teeth is an essential step. If the patient merely requires teeth whitening, porcelain veneers are not needed.

After getting the Hollywood smile, the patients should give the utmost care to their dental hygiene. To make sure the smile is permanent, you should not miss routine dental check-ups. During the first few days, patients should not consume hard food and if you grit your teeth, you must inform your dentist.

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