Gynecomastia is a situation which occurs in men. It is caused by genetic defects, hormonal problems, various diseases, excessive alcohol consumption and the use of certain medications. Gynecomastia leads to the growth of breast tissue which causes a feminine look in men. Aside from medical problems, it can also lead social problems such as lack of confidence, posture issues and change in clothing styles. Once the underlying problems are explored and discovered, a course of action for the surgery is planned.

The Stages And Cure Options For Gynecomastia

There are three stages of gynecomastia. The first stage is when the breast tissue growth is limited. During the second stage, the breasts are larger but there is no sagging. By the third stage however, the breast tissue growth is relatively larger and sagging can be observed. Unfortunately, gynecomastia cannot be cured via exercise or medication. The only real solution is surgical. The technique used during the surgery is decided by the stage the patient is at. For the first two stages, liposuction is deemed enough. However, if the third stage is reached, the excess tissue removed via surgery. Depending on the technique, the surgery lasts one to two hours.

The Process Of The Operation

The fat tissue of gynecomastia may develop via breast tissue or fat tissue. If it is developed via fat tissue, liposuction is sufficient. If it is developed through breast tissue, a crescent shaped incision is made around the nipple to remove excess fat and breast tissue. Along with these, there may be a need to remove some excess skin tissue as well.

Post-op Gynecomastia

The patient is recommended to stay overnight after the surgery. An excessive pain is not to be expected and painkillers could be used for the first few days. It is absolutely normal to observe swelling after the surgery. However, this swelling heals on its own after the first week. The patient must rest for the first three days. It is also important for the patient to not move their arms and shoulders too much in order to create a faster healing process. On the third day, the patient can take a shower. On the condition of not lifting anything heavy, the patient may return to work and take walks. The period for not lifting heavy stuff or doing excessive work and exercise is a month. Using a corset all the time for the next three to four weeks is recommended. After that period, the corset may be used for two months during the day or night.

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