Gastric Sleeve in Turkey

Gastric sleeve surgery or sleeve gastrectomy is the surgical operation where the stomach size is reduced by inserting a long and thin tube. This surgery is a permanent one where most of the stomach is taken out and is turned into a system which continues along with the oesophagus and the intestines. The operation also has an effect on the hormones causing hunger. After the procedure, the desire for food is reduced.

Who Can Benefit From The Surgery?

Sleeve gastrectomy is primarily performed to treat morbid obesity. The surgery can also be used as a transition towards gastric bypass surgery if the main aim is not to treat morbid obesity. It is more common among people aged eighteen to sixty-five.

How Does The Process Work?

General anaesthesia is used when performing gastric sleeve surgery. It is always performed using laparoscopic techniques through a small hole or holes and can even be done with the help of robot equipment. A calibration tube is inserted to the entrance of the stomach in order to make sure no error is made such as causing the stomach to become too small. Once the necessary precautions are in place, the stomach is cut from end to end and the calibration tube inserted at the start is removed. Tests are put in place during and after the surgery to make absolute sure that there are no complications.

Patients go through extensive check-ups before the surgery to see if they have any conditions such as heart problems which get in the way of gastric sleeve operation. The patient is admitted on the day of the surgery and the stay after the surgery is two or three days. If the patient has a serious weight problem which has caused steatosis hepatis or in other words, fatty liver syndrome, a special diet program is administered for ten to fifteen days before the operation.

The surgery usually takes thirty to ninety minutes. This change in duration is due to the patient’s anatomy and the surgeon performing the surgery. The stomach could return to its former size or the lost weight could be regained. To avoid this outcome, the patient must be careful about their nutrition and adapt to a better lifestyle.

The Benefits Of Sleeve Gastrectomy

When it comes down to treating progressed obesity, it is hard to obtain permanent results with diets or drugs. Many people try pills or shakes which claim to help you lose too much weight in a very short period of time. This is not only unhealthy but also impossible. Sleeve gastrectomy provides a permanent solution. This surgery is also better than other surgical techniques of the past. The normal way of digestion is through the oesophagus, stomach and then the intestines. Thanks to this operation, that order is not disrupted.

How To Take Care Of Your Nutrition After The Surgery

Beverages such as sodas are forbidden for life after the surgery. The patient needs to follow a liquid diet for ten to fourteen days after the operation. Liquid and solid foods must not be consumed at the same time. Foods which are rich in protein are recommended such as chicken, fish, eggs and yogurt. Vegetables and greens should not be neglected during the diet. If these conditions are followed properly, the surgery gives the best results expected.

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