Gastric Injection in Turkey

Gastric injection is the procedure where the injection effects the striated muscles of the stomach and blocks muscle contraction. It is performed with an endoscopy needle and causes digestion in the stomach to slow down which increases the duration of feeling full. In other words, this procedure has a direct effect over controlling hunger.

Who Can And Cannot Benefit From Gastric injection?

Those who have failed to reach satisfactory results during their diet attempts before could benefit from this. In addition, people whose body mass index (BMI) is twenty-five and above and who do not prefer surgical interventions can take advantage from this method.

This procedure is not fit for people whose BMI is over forty. This is due to the fact that effectivity decreasing with patients who are categorized as obese or morbidly obese. People with muscle system ailments are also not fit to receive gastric injection.

How Is Gastric Injection Applied And How Long Does It Take?

It is administered by lightly sedating the patient with the usage of endoscopy. The amount of injection used depends on the patient. The procedure takes about fifteen to twenty minutes. After a two-hour monitoring of the patient, they can be discharged whenever they feel up to it.

The procedure could even be performed during your lunch break which is why many patients who fit the criteria choose this option. Gastric injection is also the method with the least amount of side effects. Effective results are seen if the patient has the will to continue a healthy lifestyle after this method. Though it does cause some reduced hunger, it is not as effective as gastric sleeve or gastric bypass. If a patient is suffering from obesity, this is not the method proper for them. Gastric injection is administered if the BMI is over twenty-five.

How Much Weight Is Lost Via Gastric Injection?

The results vary from patient to patient. However, patients usually lose up to twenty kilograms during the first few months. Afterwards, it is possible to lose fifteen kilograms a month. The next stage is where the patient can lose between ten to fifteen kilograms a month. In order to increase these rates, the patient must work with an expert dietician and obtain a lifestyle which consists of regular exercise and a healthy diet.

How Long Does Gastric Injection Last?

The effects of this procedure start seventy-two hours after it is administered and lasts approximately four to six months. Check-ups are put in place to ensure any possible ailments are prevented before reaching the goal weight. If the patient has lost enough amount of weight and their ailments are healed, a repeat operation is not needed. However, following an exercise program and a proper diet is advised.

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