Gastric Balloon in Turkey

Gastric balloon which is also called intragastric balloon is an operation to help with weight loss. It is administered using endoscopy. A balloon which is inserted into the patient’s stomach via endoscopy is inflated inside the patient’s stomach using water and isotonic sodium chloride solution to partially fill the gap inside the stomach. Thanks to this method, the patient feels less hunger and the overall food intake decreases. Depending on the balloon used in the operation, this balloon may be used from six months up to one year. The goal here is to help the patient gain a healthy relationship with food and to help the patient leave behind the unhealthy habits of the past.

Who Can Benefit From The Surgery?

It is proper for people whose body mass index (BMI) is 35 and over and who are aged between eighteen and sixty-five. There are also other criteria. People who have tried diets, exercises and drugs to lose weight but did not receive any results could get this surgery. The chosen surgeon makes sure the patient who wishes to get the surgery will not go under any risk during general anaesthesia. It is also crucial that the candidate patient did not have any gastric surgeries in the past and that they do not suffer from gastric ulcers.

The Process Of Inserting Gastric Balloon

Gastric balloon operation does not require a risky surgery and usually takes about fifteen to twenty minutes with the endoscopy method. The patient has to be hungry prior to the operation. If the stomach balloon does not require general anaesthesia, the patient is sedated through the mouth. Once the patient is under, a thin pipe is used to reach the stomach for viewing with an optical camera. This is to make sure the patient is not suffering from any gastric issues.

The silicone balloon which is ten centimetres in size reaches the stomach. Afterwards, the process of inflating the balloon begins using four hundred to seven hundred ccs of liquid. Once it is decided that the balloon has been filled enough, the mouth of the balloon is closed. The patient is held under observation for about two hours before being discharged. Since this is not a surgical operation, the patients can go back to their regular lives shortly after being discharged.

Is Gastric Balloon Permanent?

The balloon is planned to stay inside the patient’s stomach for six months. In some cases, this duration can go up to a year. Once the duration is over, it can easily be removed at a hospital via endoscopy. If the gastric balloon method is used as an additional aid to other methods, it may help the healing process and cause more effectivity. If the patient continues to exercise and follows a healthy diet, they will not regain the weight they have lost. In fact, if a newer, healthier lifestyle is adapted, they may even continue to lose weight. In this manner, this method is not permanent. However, it transforms into a permanent treatment technique when a healthy nutrition plan is adapted into the patient’s life.

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