Facelift / Necklift

Facelift, also known as rhytidectomy, is the operation in which sagging and wrinkles caused by age on the face are fixed. There are other reasons for these sagging and wrinkles such as sunrays, daily stress and bad habits like smoking. The goal here is to make sure the patient has a younger appearance which looks natural. Though this does not stop aging, it does help the patient achieve this look for up to ten years. Ideal candidates are those who are suffering from these problems but have not lost their skin’s elasticity yet.

The Process Of The Surgery

This operation is done at a hospital under anaesthesia. In some cases, sedatives could be used as well as local anaesthesia. These surgeries may vary in time, depending on technique. They usually last between three to ten hours. The excess skin, muscle and if there is any, the excess eye bag is removed and the eyelid is strengthened. While it is possible to go home the same day, it is usually advised the patient stays overnight at the hospital. Any additional operations may be done during the same operation. Though there is some scarring, these scars are barely visible as they are camouflaged professionally.

Pre-op And Post-op

These techniques are carefully assessed by the surgeon during the examination. The decision is made based on the patient’s wishes and needs, as well as their medical history and the structure of their face. Smoking must be stopped at least ten days prior to the surgery. Sunbathing and skin care habits are also among the things that should be discussed with the plastic surgeon.

The early-stage post-op is usually passed in comfort. There may be feelings of swelling or numbness afterwards. Small asymmetry may occur as the face muscles will be affected from the anaesthesia during the surgery. These are temporary and they are expected to stop after five days at most. A cold pad is applied to the cheeks and a bandage is applied. The eyes, nose and the mouth are left open when the bandage is applied. Silicone tubes may be put in place to avoid bleeding. These are removed within two days. The bandage is removed completely after three days and general examinations are made. The hair may be washed during this period.

If stitches are to be removed, this is done within a week. A special face corset is used for at least two weeks. It is imperative that the patient protects their face. Painkillers besides aspirin can be used for pain. Smoking is prohibited for at least a month after the surgery to avoid skin loss.

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