Eyelid surgery is a type of operation to fix issues with the eyelid. It is also known as blepharoplasty. Over time as we age, the skin of the upper and lower eyelid may loosen. It may also sag and due to this there may be bags. This issue can also cause problems with eyesight. Eyelids are the least scarring area on the human body so scarring is scarce and with camouflage, it is barely visible. Candidates are usually those over thirty years old with no other health issues.

The Process Of The Surgery

Local anaesthesia is usually preferred but, in some cases, general anaesthesia could also be used. Depending on the patient’s complaint, both the upper and lower eyelids may be operated on during the same surgery. Approximately, the procedure takes up to one or one and a half hours. It is also possible to go home within the same day.

Pre-op And Post-op

As with all surgeries, an examination pre-op is required where the plastic surgeon assess the measures to be taken. They also decide if the patient is the right candidate. Any illness the patient has and any drugs they use must be disclosed with the surgeon.

The period after the surgery is usually comfortable. The swelling around the eyes and over the eyelids pass on its own after applying ice. The stitches used usually melt on their own. In the event that regular stitches are used, these stitches will be removed within a week. Rarely, there may be need for a revision. The patient may go back to work in three days. They may continue using contact lenses within a week. Depending on the patient, newly constructed eyelids usually last about a decade or even a lifetime.

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