Dental Implants in Turkey

Dental implants are a form of titanium-based tooth root which are applied to the chin in order to make teeth for the areas missing teeth. Many patients choose dental implants because they allow the completion of missing tooth without having to harm the existing teeth. Missing one tooth or more than one does not change the procedure. Another reason why this operation has become vastly popular is due to the fact that it prevents bone thinning which starts to form on the jaw bone after tooth extraction.

The Treatment Process

For the first stage, general or local anaesthesia is applied. Afterwards, the area which the implant will be placed is cleaned and if there is any need, some teeth are pulled out. A small incision is made to the gingiva or the gum to expose the area for the implant. The implant takes over the role of tooth root and because of that, a special dental drill is used to carve the tooth. The implant is inserted and screwed in. Once the implant is in place, the gingiva or the gum which was previously cut is used to cover the implant and one or two stitches are made.

Compared to classic dental surgeries, the treatment period of dental implants takes longer. This period may change between two to four months. The titanium part of the implant and the jaw bone need to unite properly and therefore, the healing takes more time. Once the implant and the jaw bone unite, new teeth are placed in a week. If an additional operation is required, the duration may increase in rare cases.

Benefits Of Dental Implants

All the patient has to do to take advantage of the benefits is to let the doctor to take a look at their medical history, get a dental examination and then receive the treatment plan. The most popular reason why patients wish to get dental implants is to get rid of removable dentures. Another benefit is that your healthy teeth won’t be harmed in any way unlike in some other dental surgeries. Many patients say that dental implants exceeded their expectations.

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