Cataract Surgery in Turkey

Cataract surgery is the surgical intervention where the lens which lost its transparency is replaced with artificial lenses. It is a common misconception that a laser is used during phaco cataract surgery which is the most updated type of this surgery. This misconception is due to the fact that there are no requirements for stitches in modern cataract surgery. The duration of the operation may vary on certain things such as the surgeon’s experience, ability and the intensity of the cataract . While the operation can last merely minutes with experienced surgeons, the duration may go up to even an hour if the cataract has progressed too much.

The Process Of Cataract Surgery

Local anaesthesia is commonly used during this surgery. Many people who suffer from cataracts are afraid of pain during the surgery but with the anaesthetic eyedrops, patients do not feel pain during the operation. It is recommended the patient’s eyes remain closed for up to two hours after the surgery. Once open, the patient begins using the eyedrops prescribed by their surgeon. The artificial lenses which are used to replace the original lenses vary in type. The surgeons decide on which type of lens to use depending on some factors such as astigmatism. If both eyes have cataract, the second eye can be operated on the next day after the first surgery, depending on the post-op examination.


The patients begin to see the first day after the surgery and it is perfectly normal to see blurry the day of the surgery. The vision becomes clearer on the second and third days. In rare cases where the patient has waited too long for the operation and the cataract has become too hard, it may take up to a week to see clearer. The best time to surgically intervene is the earliest as to avoid any complications or longer recovery durations after the operation.

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