Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is a type of operation where women who have small breasts seek plastic surgery in order to achieve the desired size. This surgery has become vastly popular and common due to its easiness. Breast implants which are a type of prosthesis filled with silicon jells are used for this operation. Fat injections have become popular lately as well but as they cannot be used on everyone, implants are the standard method used.

The Process Of The Operation

Breast augmentation usually takes about forty-five minutes or an hour. The silicones are inserted via a four-five-centimetre incision from under the breast. The breast tissue is not harmed or tampered with during the operation. The implants are not inserted into the breast tissue but inserted under it or under the muscle in front of the rib cage. The surgeon decides the level in which the procedure will be executed. The patient’s wishes as well as their anatomy and the elasticity of the skin are one of the few factors which play a part in the decision of the surgeon. It is a must to use silicones from trustworthy companies as these silicones can be used for over thirty years and therefore pose no trust issues.

Who Can Benefit From This Surgery?

Breast augmentation operation is performed mostly on women with small breasts. This small breast is either natural or due to losing volume after pregnancy. In cases such as asymmetry between two breasts, this operation can be performed to fix the problem. Two breast tissues become more similar through this surgery. Unless there is a medical reason, this operation is only performed on those older than eighteen.

For women planning to get pregnant shortly after this operation, this is not the right time to get this surgery. It is advised that breast augmentation be postponed until after pregnancy for women who are planning to have a baby; who are still breastfeeding and who gain and lose weight too often.

Post-op Breast Augmentation

The change in breast size is visible and the patient can feel it as well. Though pain upon waking up is uncommon, feeling nervous is. A special dressing is made in order to make sure the needed pressure is provided upon the breasts. Numbness or high sensitivity are to be expected after the surgery. Patients usually go home the same day and can consume liquids six hours after the operation. For the first week, it is recommended the patients lay on their backs and restrict sleeping on their sides.

Patients are allowed to take a shower after two days as the first medical dressing has been performed by then. A trainer bra is put on after this process. This bra is worn day and night for the next three weeks. The initial four days are critical as there could be complications. To avoid them altogether or to recover through them quickly, it is important that the patients rest. After a period as short as two months, patients can return to activities such as sports. The breasts to take their true form could take four to six months or in some rare cases, one year.

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