Armlift procedure enables a patient to have tighter and younger-looking arms. Due to genetics, age, gaining and losing weight, the skin loses its elasticity. Through this process, the fat tissue beneath the skin increases or decreases and causes sagging or malformation in shape. Armlift is the operation where these deformations which cause the person to look older than they are or unhealthy, are fixed.

Sagging of the skin around the arms can be caused by a lot of factors. Among these factors, the most common are excessive and unnecessary diets and operations which are done to make people lose weight quicker than natural. Other causes are aging or even being under the sun for too long. Although some cases may not be excessive, due to the visual this situation creates, many patients’ psychology is affected negatively. Hence, they prefer to get the armlift operation.

The Process Of The Operation

Depending on the patient, general or local anaesthesia is administered. The procedures take one to three hours. Incisions are made which start from the inner parts of the arms to the armpits. Afterwards, the excess fat tissue and the excess skin tissue are removed. A little scarring remains. However, due to their location, they are hardly seen. The patient may be recommended to stay at the hospital in extreme cases. It is a relatively simple procedure.

Pre-op And Post-op

A detailed examination is made and the patient is told about all the details. Any illness the patient has and any drugs they use must be disclosed with the surgeon. Hunger six hours prior to the surgery is a must. Drugs which affect the bloodstream may be stopped, under the surgeon’s recommendation.

Precautions are taken post-op to avoid bleeding or liquid build up for two to three days. It is recommended the arms are held up in a high position for the first few days after the surgery. Pressurized bandages may be applied to avoid bleeding or swelling. Usually there are no stitch removals. Painkillers are enough to stop any pain and returning to normal life merely takes a few days.

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