All on Four - All on Six in Turkey

All on four and all on six implant is a fixed denture treatment where for or six implants are placed in certain angles after careful viewing of the upper and lower jaw bones. With this unique technique, patients who did not have any teeth can obtain a healthy mouth in one day. This treatment can prevent surgical intervention for situations such sinus lifting or bone apposition seen in patients who have no teeth. Many people choose this operation because it can be performed within a day which makes it advantageous in both comfort and time.

The Process Of All On Four & All On Six Techniques

Prior to performing the technique, patients must go through clinic and radiological examination. Afterwards, measurements are made using tomography via computers to assess if the patient meets the requirements. When these steps are passed, the treatment process is planned and carried into action.

In all on four implants, two implants are placed on the front part of the jaw bone and two others are placed on the back. In all on six implants, this layout changes. The front implants have a ninety-degree angle while the implants on the back have a forty-five-degree angle. Once the implants are in place, temporary dental prosthesis are applied which the patient uses for approximately three months. When bone union is achieved, permanent esthetic dentures are applied.

What To Do After The Procedure?

Patients must use given drugs according to the given instructions. During the time when the temporary dental prosthesis is in place, the instructed diet must be followed. Dental hygiene should not be neglected. If any cracks form on the temporary dental prosthesis, the doctor who performed the procedure should be informed immediately.

This implant has the ability to protect the lower jaw for up to ten years and the upper jaw for up to five years. It is a permanent solution which is another reason why more and more patients prefer this procedure over other techniques.

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